by Adam Pearce

If your looking to target customers globally, making sure your Shopify store is multi-language can be an important question. By ensuring that customers in your key markets can easily understand your offer, you'll be able to more easily capture those all important sales. The question is, what is the best way to do this?

How to setup Shopify multi language with Langify

When our Shopify clients ask us how to setup Shopify multi-language, the answer tends to be simple. Langify. Langify is a powerful, yet easy to install app that has automatic language detection, as well as being SEO friendly. After installing, Shopify merchants are able to translate all onsite, text-based content. We've outlined some of the key features we think make Langify such a great choice.

Translation setup

Once the Langify app has been installed, Shopify merchants are then able to select collections, products etc and opt to have them translated. It's worth noting that whilst Langify does not translate the content for you, so at the translation setup, text can be selected and translation can be inputted by you. For example, take a look at the image below:

Setup Shopify Multi Language | Langify

As can be seen above, the page on the left shows the original, in English, with the German translation. In this example, we see how key SEO information can be translated. Once complete, the translation can be 'published'. 

Right to Left language support

For those brands looking to expand into growing Arabic speaking markets, such as the UAE, this feature opens up many more opportunities than were available before:

Right to Left Languages Shopify Langify

SEO friendly setup

Whilst it's easy to think that translating what store visitors can 'see' is most important, it's also critical to ensure you translate what they can't. Page titles and Meta Descriptions are two crucial onsite SEO factors that impact on your pages ranking in Google. By having this feature, stores who sell across multiple markets with varying languages have a much greater ability to rank for keywords. Regardless of the marketing effort elsewhere in these markets, without using this feature in Langify, a Shopify store may find it difficult to grow its ranking position in the long term.

Setting up Shopify multi-language with Blend Commerce 

Here at Blend Commerce, we've worked with a number of Shopify merchants to improve the accessibility of their store to a global market. As well as providing the ability for stores to be multi language, we've also supported clients looking to provide multi-currency display options too. 

If you'd like more information on how Blend Commerce could help you grow your Shopify business, click here to book a call with a member of the team.

Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce

Adam is the chief copy writer, marketing consultant and maker of tea at Blend Commerce. Oh, and he helps Shopify store owners Launch, Grow and Automate their businesses.

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