Is My Shopify Store Personable Enough?

When it comes to your Shopify store, users feel more comfortable purchasing from established brands, and not faceless online eCommerce stores that look like they might steal your credit card information.

Making it so that users are seeing the full picture of the brand will build more trust. Think about users coming to the store wanting to know more about the business. This is where you can tell the user more about the company and tell a story about your mission, process and approach.

Building trust in your store is what will drive serious sales with your Shopify store. Think of your brand as the DNA of your business and then simply tell the user who you are, what you are about and how you are different from your competitors.

Think Like A Consumer

If you want your Shopify store to thrive and connect with your customers, you need to put yourself in your users shoes. You need to understand your users' behaviours and personas and how they interact with your website and having a site that is easy to navigate and well designed will enhance the user's shopping journey.

Once you understand the users needs and requirements and what they want from your Shopify store, you will be able to offer a store that is more than a store.

Use The Right Colours

Different colours can portray different feelings, emotions and actions. It is less about choosing a colour because it's your favourite colour and more about choosing a colour with psychology behind it.

For example, if you want to make users purchase a product, make the add to cart button a colour that stands out like a bright orange or red. According to, the colour red invokes passion, excitement and urgency. If you want your customer to take urgent action on a product then red is your colour. If your store relates to the environment then green may be the colour to use here. Green is a calming colour and is associated with ‘Go’ which can motivate users to make a purchase. Other colours such as orange and yellow are also great alternatives. Orange is exciting and warm and is associated with the sun. When customers feel warm and happy they are more likely to make a purchase.

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Be Relatable

Customers want to purchase from a website that looks established as opposed to a site that doesn’t look too legit. The main objective of a Shopify store is to allow visitors to make purchases, which in turn asks users for personal information such as credit card information. This is why trust is important for any website.

Trust can be built by having a well-established and relatable website. Ensuring the fonts, colours and navigation menus are consistent throughout the website will definitely help with this. You should also not have any misspelled words and all buttons should be fully functional. For example if a user lands on a page and something isn't working the way it's intended to, this may frustrate the users and make them want to leave your store. With that said, if you take your Shopify store seriously, then customers will take you seriously and be more inclined to stick around.

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Link To Your Social Channels

For any website it is always great to show what your customers are thinking. Especially for a Shopify store. Having a section allocated for user generated content such as reviews is very important. Look for ways to show potential customers the positive feedback you have received from existing customers. The more potential customers see that other people have had positive experiences with your store, the more trusted you will appear to be. This will also boost conversions and increase revenue.

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Simplify The Checkout Process

As discussed above a store should be easy to navigate and well-designed. This is why you should also make the checkout process clean, simple and effortless for the customer. If the checkout process is complicated to use this will end in a loss of customers and worse that crucial sale. Users want the checkout process to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Over complicating things will frustrate visitors.

Make everything as clear as possible. Ensure you have the information you need to make a user purchase, the shipping options and how much they cost and also what the customer may have to do if there is a problem with an order. After a use has made a purchase, direct them to a confirmation page to assure the customer everything is complete.


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Be Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of users worldwide (and rising) use a mobile device when online and Mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage and each year its share of online traffic rises. That’s why the need for a responsive website design where users can easily read and navigate it on any device is highly important.

In short, if you want your store to be a success you need to make sure your website is fully responsive for all hand-held devices. As the majority of users are coming from mobile devices, not accommodating them will have a negative impact on your store. If you would like to find out more about responsive design check out our previous article 12 Day of UX: Responsive design.

Our Outlook

With all things considered, designing a Shopify store can be very complex. A lot of thought goes into a website and ensuring it has the best user journey as possible. The above are just a few tips for improving your Shopify store, to make it look appealing, but also to help it boost conversion and increase revenue.

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