2022 has turned out to be another boost for everything digital. From eCommerce to NFTs to the Metaverse, things are ramping up where we can’t ignore what’s happening around us and need to pay close attention to new things. Figuring out how they work and can work for you is critical to moving forward with the times. At Blend, we believe loyalty programs are a surefire way to increase repeat revenue in times where digital is everything. 

Customer acquisition costs are rising, meaning brands should put more effort into keeping loyal customers happy while implementing a solid effort to make new customers loyal. Potential customers are 4x more likely to try a brand when recommended by someone they know. What does this mean for you? Keeping current customers happy and loyal will bring in essentially free customer acquisition when they recommend their friends.

A Base Loyalty Program

If you don’t have a loyalty program yet, it would be a good idea to experiment with the idea of building one. Even if your products are long-term purchases, there are ways to increase brand loyalty. Things like points for reviews and social engagement could lead to customers purchasing items they don’t need just yet simply because of the loyalty program and want to move up a tier. 

Tiers are an excellent way to make your customers goal oriented and push them to become even more loyal than you thought. An end goal drives humans, and we thrive on nurturing others. Nurturing your customers and giving them a goal will create a space where they feel they are a part of your brand. As we said previously, using this to your advantage and rewarding customers for recommending family and friends is an easy and almost free way for customer acquisition. 

LoyaltyLion has the best option for base loyalty programs for your Shopify store. But having a base shouldn’t be a brand’s end goal. Brands should aim to consistently improve their customer experience by providing a little extra in their loyalty program.

LoyaltyLion x Gorgias

If you haven’t heard of Gorgias, it’s a customer service app for your Shopify store. Integrating this app will allow your customers never to be confused on your site. Imagine being able to enter a website and know that there is someone there to help you if you’re stuck - 24/7. While Gorgias’ one feature is a bot, this bot is configured with such natural language and understanding that it will be like talking to a staff member.

Gorgias AI Chat

What does this have to do with loyalty? Well, not only does it improve the customer journey as a whole, but it also integrates with LoyaltyLion to strengthen your physical loyalty program. Using Gorgias' data, brands can quickly identify customer buying and engagement patterns and use this information in your program. This shouldn’t be a missed opportunity for customer acquisition either. Being able to end a Gorgias chat with a call to action leading them to your loyalty program will not only push them to become loyal customers but will give them more incentive to make the purchase they came to make.

LoyaltyLion x Reviews.io

We don’t need to explain the importance of customers leaving reviews for your products. Reviews.io not only allows customers to leave glowing reviews on your website, but other customers can search reviews based on both customer and product attributes.

Reviews.io Attribution Reviews Example

LoyaltyLion’s integration with Reviews.io means you can automatically incentivise customers to leave positive and detailed reviews. Guess what that leads to for your brand? Repeat revenue and customer acquisition. That’s a win-win in our books. 

LoyaltyLion x Recharge

The thing about digital technology is that options are everywhere. Consumers are overwhelmed with the choices they need to make regarding which brand to support. Integrating LoyaltyLion with Recharge allows you to make a choice easy. Recharge is a subscription creation and relationship nurturing tool that empowers customers by giving them control. Customers can choose the frequency at which they want to order your products and what products they wish to order, and customise their subscriptions to suit their needs. All this with the constant support and communication from your brand.

Recharge Subscription Platform

Integrating LoyaltyLion with Recharge will enable you to increase your repeat revenue, not only with subscriptions but by rewarding your customers for their subscription status. Subscriptions will also make it easier for customers to get boosted to the next tier level in your loyalty program, making your brand irresistible in their choices.

All of Them x Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the be-all and end-all of email marketing. Integrating seamlessly with the apps above, brands can use carefully collected data to target the perfect audience with the ideal products, leading to what? Customer loyalty.

Setting Up a Custom Loyalty Page

Creating a specific page on your site dedicated to your loyalty program will undoubtedly increase sign-ups. It will improve the on-brand loyalty experience and allow customers to see what they can get from your loyalty program and why they should sign up. Using LoyaltyLion, you can drive engagement by directing your customers straight to the loyalty program instead of relying on things like widgets. We’ve completed this task for more than one client, creating the perfect customer loyalty experience for their customers.


Strivectin Loyalty Program Designed by Blend Commerce


PosterJack Loyalty Program Designed by Blend Commerce

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Loyalty Program Designed by Blend Commerce

Creating a personalised loyalty program will boost your repeat revenue, customer loyalty, and acquisition, which means you’re set for success. If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, get in touch with us at Blend. We’re experts in everything Shopify, including development, design, and marketing.

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