These days, no one likes strangers, especially online. The truth is, though, that strangers are your best friends when it comes to designing your website. The key is to have the answers to their questions before they even have to ask. 

Your Website Through the Eyes of the User

Have you ever repeated a certain word a thousand times? It starts to lose all meaning and clarity. The same happens with merchants, designers, and developers. With repeated exposure to the same website design day in and day out, one becomes blind to the functionality of the product, and you won’t have the same experience as a first time user would. 

Luckily, there’s a simple way to overcome this: User Testing.

Any UX related project will benefit from User Testing as it collects data from users, allowing you to view your website through their eyes, literally. You may experience at least a few light bulb moments as you find sections of your website that users find confusing, or even challenging to navigate through, preventing them from converting. 

It’s All About Personalisation

Personalisation is what we’re all about in the marketing business. You want your users to have the greatest experience on your website, encouraging them to convert, come back, and refer to their friends.

That’s why a user-centred approach is your best bet at understanding the behaviours of your users, and creating an experience they would like to have again. 

The Benefits of User Testing

Analysing your user experience will allow you to track how your users move and interact with your website. For example, functions called heatmaps enable you to view how your users scroll through the pages, where they click, and even how their cursors move. 

Using this information, you and your team can get together and discuss the experience users are having, and create a strategy to optimise your website - for the perfect user experience. 

We know your eyes probably widened a bit, maybe your jaw dropped slightly, but there are even more ways to embrace user testing technology. Setting up tasks for your users to complete will help you narrow down all the inconsistencies they experience, allowing you to focus on the most important touchpoints. For example, asking users simple questions like ‘how would you rate this webpage?’ and adding a commentary box, could allow you to jump into the minds of your users. 

Of course, you can also aim your website at a target demographic as you will no doubt have users from around the world. Narrowing your experience to a specific group will help you understand the exact steps that need to be taken to improve their experience. 

Turning Strangers into Friends

While it may seem as though marketing is becoming more complicated, technology has evolved to create a smoother experience for not only the users, but for merchants, developers, and designers as well. Creating personalised CX is your best chance at boosting your conversion rate, lowering your bounce rate, and turning strangers into friends. 

Where does Blend Commerce fit into this?

The team at Blend Commerce obsess on how to build the best experience for your customers. As a Customer Experience Agency for Shopify businesses, we are focused on obsessively improving your CX pre, during and post purchase.
One of the services we offer is to help you improve the Customer Experience on your website is our CX Audit. By analysing and auditing your Shopify store’s data, we can identify key areas of growth potential. 

If you’re interested in improving the Customer Experience for your Shopify Store, get in touch with the Customer Experience experts.

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