With Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2019 almost in our midst, it’s important for store owners to get ready for a massive influx of consumers visiting their online store and checking out products. If you want to make the most of this annual sale craze, it’s important that you take all necessary efforts to provide your customers with a positive online shopping experience. 

Just as important as their shopping experience, you have to get your visitors to trust your brand and make a purchase. But how do you build their trust? Here are seven things that you should take into account if you want buyers to trust your Shopify store in time for this year’s BFCM.

1. Share your brand’s story.

A great way to establish your customers’ trust towards your brand is by letting them know of your humble beginnings and your background story. Letting people know about your brand’s journey can help foster a sense of empathy. When people can relate to how your online business started, it helps them identify you as a reliable entity and not just a company that’s after making a sale.

The example below shows how Blend client Brooklyn Bicycle Co share their story to develop trust and empathy:

Brooklyn Bicycle Co brand story

2. Create a good first impression and make it last.

Your website’s design and user interface can make or break any sales opportunity that comes knocking. To make sure that you grab your customers’ interest, responsive and eye-catching design is a worthy investment. With a great store design that captures your brand, you get to showcase to your site’s visitors which values your business represents. 

3. Provide a visitor-friendly experience.

Apart from a great first impression, it also matters that you provide your customers with a great experience once they decide to check out your products. Make it easy for them to get access to your website by minimizing your store’s load time and by making sure that all links on your website are working properly. From the moment that they land on your store up to the time that they checked out a product, it matters that you provide them with a smooth buying experience, as this can also help you gain a returning customer.

4. Show off your products using great photos and copy.

For each product that you sell, make sure that you provide your customers with all the information that they need to make an informed decision on whether to buy the product or not. For this, photos can do an amazing job of telling the story about your product. It can be a good way to show the product’s colours, size, details, features, and more. An accurate and well-written product description is also essential as this will be one of your customers’ basis on whether your product is what they need.

The example below shows how Blend client Dear Frances uses exceptional imagery and copy to drive sales on their store:

Dear Frances photos

5. Use social proof to reinforce trust.

Providing your customers with a user-friendly and safe payment interface is, of course, a given. But sometimes, if you don’t provide them with proof of how secure and trustworthy your store is, doubts can still linger. Reviews from consumers, trusted brands and online personalities can go a long way in showing how reliable your company is and how good your products are. Moreover, once a customer has bought a product, make sure you follow through by sending them a confirmation email and a status update regarding the product’s delivery.

6. Be consistent in the values your brand represents.

Whether you value quality and affordable products, using all-natural materials on your products or any other advocacy that may be of great value to people in your market, you must portray these values upfront on your online store. Most importantly, be sure that you stick with these values. As always, consistency is key.

7. Reward your customers’ patronage and loyalty.

An effective way of gaining not just your customers’ trust, but also their loyalty, is by rewarding them. A simple freebie or a point system for purchases made can help you land loyal customers. These small efforts and rewards will give your customers a sense of value, and with that, they will also give value to your business in return.

With eCommerce continuously growing, it only makes sense for online store owners to exert efforts in building their customers’ trust. And if you want to make the most out of the upcoming Black Friday, these tips can help you land customers and even gain loyal ones.

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