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    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    We often hear about how businesses think about their online e-commerce stores as an afterthought to their bricks-and-mortar stores. And we don’t blame them, your website isn’t physical, so it’s tough to imagine it being as powerful as a physical store. It’s a tangible thing that is hard to compare when standing in your high street store serving your customers every day.

    However, times have evolved, and this year, the e-commerce sector has seen a massive jump in growth due to world affairs. This has meant that many merchants have had to evolve with the times and rethink their strategy and online presence.

    It’s time to start treating your e-commerce store like a storefront of a brick and mortar store. And we’ll show you just how to create a Shopify store that highlights your brand identity!

    Why Use Shopify?

    Using Shopify means creating and implementing tools within an e-commerce platform that is user-friendly for business owners. Many Shopify Apps can help drive your store for you, suggesting that it’s simple and easy to get started.

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    Every Shopify business is unique, so the powerful Shopify themes and integration features have the ability to customise your online store in a way that resembles your physical storefront.

    How to Create a Successful Shopify Store

    So yes, your Bricks and Mortar store looks great - there is good brand awareness, and you have a real identity growing. With online stores, it’s easy to get lost in the world of the web and lose your brand identity. However, the Shopify website has such diverse tools across the board which can give you the flexibility to have a web store looking just as good, if not better than your bricks and mortar store.

    Tips for a successful store:

    • Customise the theme with colours, images and fonts
    • Write epic product descriptions
    • Utilise product photography
    • Optimize Shopify payments and product pages
    • Create coming soon pages
    • Create a Shopify logo
    • Use Shopify Plus

    You can also check out this blog post on how to use UX design for your e-commerce store and why it is important.

    How to Use Shopify With Us

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    At Blend, we use the Shopify platform for our clients due to its dynamic format making it easy to develop and innovate new solutions. We also like to show clients just what their e-commerce store can do, and we often see clients so surprised with how easy it is to scale their business online. Shopify also has a POS system that is fully integrated with your online store making it easy to manage inventory and track sales and orders online and in-store simultaneously.

    Shopify Wholesale

    We also like the fact that there is now the option for a Shopify wholesale app, designated for a section of your online store, which is ideal for your Trade customers. Also, maybe this is a way that you have been thinking of diversifying your business for a while. Doing this online can reduce costs initially to give you a head start.

    There are pros and cons with any store; however, with an e-commerce store, you are looking at reduced overheads, the ability to switch around your merchandise at any time, to offer an excellent service to people all around the world, and to expand your customer base significantly.

    Other bonuses include being able to look at real-time data from your online customers. You can track and monitor precisely the journey your customers are taking when visiting your store, just as in a physical store using tools such as Hotjar. This data can then be used to ensure that all areas of your online store are fully optimised.

    These are just some of the points which can be considered when thinking about your e-commerce store. Need anymore help? Be sure to get in touch with the Blend team to help you make the most out of your Shopify Store

    About the author

    Sophia, Account Manager


    Account Manager

    Sophia is an experienced business owner with a background in the Fashion and Interior retails sectors and high levels of knowledge in Shopify store marketing and creation. With a passion for art and creativity and a multi-channel experience across e-commerce platforms, Sophia brings her zeal for business and growth to help create and deliver the best experience for her clients, all the while ensuring her clients reach their sales goals.

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