A wrap-up of all the new Klaviyo Features for Q2 2023!

If you’re feeling like your omnichannel strategy is a bit of a disaster (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), then Klaviyo’s latest features are here to save the day!

With these amazing tools at your disposal, you can tap into the full potential of your customer data and connect with your audience across various channels. You can do this, all while streamlining your processes and making informed decisions at a glance. Best of all, it’s like having a trusty sidekick by your side, but without having the need to share your snacks!

Engaging More Customers

Feature 1: Mobile Push Notifications for Android and IOS 

With this new feature you can send personalised push notifications that will draw your online shoppers back into your store's mobile app. It will encourage them to finish completing their purchases. 


  • Send Smarter Push Notifications: Based on all the customer data you have collected and interactions across web, email, SMS and more. You can fuel more relevant push notifications, that will ultimately be more effective. 


  • Build Omnichannel Experiences: By integrating mobile push messages with your existing email/SMS campaigns and flows, you can create seamless multi-channel experiences. This helps to amplify your message across multiple touchpoints!


  • Get Up and Running Quickly: With these easy-to-use campaign and automation builders, you can easily dive into mobile app marketing using drag and drop.  

Learn more with Klaviyo about mobile push notifications. 

Feature 2: Criteo Integration with Klaviyo

With this new feature you can boost your return on ad spend (ROAS) by utilising the first-party data you store in Klaviyo. This means you can then target specific audiences with more personalised ads at each touchpoint of the customer journey.

Here are some ways you can use this data to build more effective campaigns: 

  1. Retarget select segments with specific, highly-personalised ads.

  1. Exclude select segments from future campaigns to use your ad dollars more effectively.

  1. Use existing profile data to create intent-based audiences to attract your next top customers.

Learn more with Klaviyo on how to build effective campaigns using this data. 

Feature 3: SMS Subscribe Links 

Your SMS subscriber list is one of your most valuable assets. It is also the foundation to any successful SMS marketing strategy. The more people who opt into receiving texts from your brand = more potential customers you can reach = the faster you can grow your revenue. 

Klaviyo introduced a new way to let shoppers easily sign up for texts across channels. You can now create and share SMS subscribe links in your social media campaigns or emails. Then, after you share this link, anyone who clicks it can sign up for SMS marketing!

 Here’s some of the best ways to use SMS subscribe links:

  • Direct Instagram or TikTok followers to sign up for texts with a swipe-up story.
  • Use social advertisements to offer time-sensitive discount codes for opting into SMS. 
  • Send an email promoting the perks of signing up for your VIP text list.
  • Turn your subscribe link into a QR code and display it in your retail store.

Learn more with Klaviyo about SMS Subscribe Links.


More Time Back In Your Day


Feature 1: Omnichannel Campaign Calendar

With this new feature you can now save time by easily viewing which channels you’re sending on and when, without having to manually maintain a marketing calendar!

  • You can simply click into a campaign to view details, channels and more. No more stressing over trying to keep track of everything!

  • Viewing your campaigns by day, week or month to see what’s coming up next. No more scrolling through lists to try and see what's coming up for the week!

  • Build, manage, and view your campaign strategy and spot any gaps. Creating campaigns within the dedicated calendar is now made easy!

Learn more with Klaviyo about the Omnichannel Campaign Calendar. 

Feature 2: Developer Hub 

Klayvio has introduced a new home for developers within Klaviyo, complete with feature guides, status updates, announcements and more!


With the new developer tools page you can:

  • Access all the resources you need in one place! The developer tool section organises API-key management, platform status updates, guides and resources, and in the future, API analytics. 

  • Build with Klaviyo faster! Klaviyo has given developers their own place in the app to organise all their developer offerings in one place. This will then be the location where new developer-focused products are housed (how exciting!) 

Learn more with Klaviyo about the New Developer Tool Page.


Feature 3: SMS Disclosure Language In Sign-Up Forms

Klaviyo has made this new feature as easy as dragging in a new block! You can now create, edit, and add SMS disclosure language in minutes. 

Firstly, you can either create a new mobile terms of service from scratch, or link to an existing terms of service if you already have one. Once that is complete, you can add SMS disclosure language to any sign-up form simply by dragging and dropping a new block! This will make capturing phone numbers compliantly a breeze. 


Learn more with Klaviyo about SMS Disclosure In Sign-Up Forms.


Make Better Decisions, Faster

Feature 1: Campaign Deliverability Tab

With Klaviyo, you can now monitor deliverability performance and make decisions about your next campaign with all the metrics you need in one place. This allows for deeper insights into campaign performance. 

  • By clicking the new deliverability tab in your most recent campaign send, you can now see open rates, unsubscribers, and more at a glance. 

  • With new chart views that help you drill down further, you can get more granular. 

  • Are you uncertain on what to do? Klaviyo will guide you with helpful tips on where to focus and how to improve. 

Now you have in-depth campaign deliverability insights in one place!

Learn more with Klaviyo about the Campaign deliverability tab.

Feature 2: Redesigned Flows Page

With this new Klaviyo feature you can now get a high-level view of flow performance for the metric of your choice at a glance! 

Here are some ways this redesign effects your flow page:

  • Choose your conversion metric to specify the metric you want to see performance data for across all flows. eg.) Placed Order 
  • Through intuitive channel icons you can see which channels are sending in each flow. 
  • Set the reporting time to today, 7 days, or 30 days.
  • You can view when the flow was last updated.
  • Sort your lists by flow status, last updated, revenue, or revenue per recipient 
  • Search for flow name, select tags, and select flow status.

Learn more with Klaviyo about the Redesigned flows page. 

Feature 3: New Campaigns List View

With this new Klaviyo feature, you can now easily toggle between the campaign list view and calendar view to understand your performance and make informed decisions for your next send. 

Snapshots of placed order revenue, opens, and click rates were always visible in the past from this page, but now Klaviyo has added some more exciting elements to the Campaigns page. Which gives you greater visibility into your performance at a glance. 

Previewing campaigns has never been easier, by just hovering over a campaign you can see a mini preview of what it looks like! 

Learn more with Klaviyo about the New Campaign List View


There you have it! If you have any questions or need a little bit of help, feel free to contact us at Blend today. We’re here to help. 

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