Ah, the days of the year we use to celebrate the ones we love. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Sandwich Day, some hate them and some love them. While the days are global, people have differing views. That’s why you shouldn’t simply send out one mass email to your entire email list. There are things you can do that will help you narrow your list into the customers who are most likely to engage or convert from your email marketing. At Blend, we pride ourselves on creating email marketing that hits the perfect spot at the perfect time for each of your customers. 

With Father’s Day approaching, we thought we would give you a head’s up on how to prepare your email marketing for Father’s Day - although the methods behind this can apply to any event during the year, simply altered based on the occasion.


Prepare Your Website

For any campaign or flow, you’ll need the correct data to target the right customers. Like we said, mass sending emails doesn't work. It will cost you money and time. When designing what you want your marketing to look like, you first need to figure out what answers you want from your customers. 

Here’s the honesty behind it - many people don’t know what to buy their Dads, so you would even help them out by physically giving them the answer to their question.  

Building a multiple-choice quiz for your website (Octane provides an easy setup that can work perfectly through your Shopify store) will allow you to seep through the minds of your customers and find out more about their lives - in a non-intrusive way. 

Here’s an example: Your store, MyPerfectOutfit.com, builds a quiz designed around Father’s Day. Your first question is something that catches their attention - “Don’t know what to buy Dad this Father’s Day?”. This question simultaneously reminds them of Father’s Day, and answering this question will lead your customer through to a few questions that will narrow down what your customers are looking for. Questions like, “what’s Dad’s favourite colour?”, “what type of shirts does Dad wear?”, and more will build a list of data that will eventually lead them to personalised product recommendations for their Dad. 

At Blend, we are a team of Shopify and Shopify Plus Developers who specialise in creating eCommerce websites. Our team can help you get your website ready for the next holiday season or event, build your Octane quiz, and ensure an amazing Customer Experience from your Shopify Store to your email marketing.

A quiz developed with Octane will help you gain zero-party data that is foolproof, allowing you to understand your customers better and lead them to items, marketing, and events that are perfect for them - meaning that they feel looked after and will come back again and again.

Goat Milk Stuff Quiz

Using a Loyalty Program 

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty should be a priority. A loyalty program through Loyalty Lion will ensure your customers will come back and refer your business to others. While businesses may target customers’ buying for their Dad, you could target the Dads themselves. 

Making a limited Father’s Day Loyalty Campaign could boost your sales, and once they’re on the program, it gives them a reason to come back later, once the fuss is over. Creating a loyalty program allows potential customers to get to know your business and will help them in deciding whether they will stick around for the long haul in supporting it. 

You can also use Loyalty Lion to segment your customers based on whether they are Loyal, Win back, or At-risk customers and approach each with the appropriate caution. This will allow you to personalise the emails even further, and make sure you’re not spending too much unnecessary time on customers who aren’t interested.

So your quiz and loyalty program is set up. Now what?

Loyalty Lion logo


Segmentation and Reminders for Father’s Day

Once your quiz has been set up, customers will not automatically flock to the quiz by themselves. They need to be notified that this is an option - a solution - to a problem that they may actually unknowingly be facing. Why? Because people forget. People forget birthdays and important events all the time. So that’s where you can come in to remind them in advance, and they’ll thank you for it. 

Reminding your customers of the upcoming event, in this case Father’s Day, will allow you to interact with your customers on a personal level. Segmentation can be used to further personalise these emails and they can be anything from their engagement, purchase history, subscription status, and more, all depending on the end goal. These segments will help the email flow by sending the right messages to the right people. 

Once the flow starts, you’ll lead them to the quiz, with a reminder that Father’s Day is around the corner, and once they’ve completed their quiz, you’ll throw them in multiple splits based on their answers given throughout the quiz.


Creating Email Campaigns for Father’s Day

Planning your Email Campaigns for Father’s Day could seem like a daunting task, but you can make it simple. Using the correct segmentation and targeting the right customers with the right products will help them convert and keep them coming back for more.

There are differences between campaigns and flows. Generally only sent through one email, campaigns are sent out based on events. Campaigns can be used as the reminder email you send out, or they can be used to increase the personalisation level once again by inviting customers to update their properties, thus updating the data you have on them. 

Campaigns allow you to alert your customers to events, offer them once-off items or discounts, or announce a new product launch. But like all emails, the use of segmentation is important. You always want to see your emails through the minds of the end user so you can connect with them and find out more about them.  

An example would be: while a customer has bought a gift for Dad, you may want to update their profile properties within the email flow to find out what products the recipient would be interested in - because they should spoil themselves too.

Klaviyo Email Campaign creation


Creating Email Flows for Father’s Day

Your first Father’s Day flow will be the lead up to the purchase, along with the quiz to help customers find the perfect gift for Dad. As we explained earlier, segmentation within this flow will mainly filter through whether they have completed the quiz and what their answers to the quiz were. 

Once your customers have purchased, you’ll need to plan and personalise a Post Purchase Flow - like with any relationship, communication is key. Staying engaged with your customers is important throughout their journey to ensure that they’re happy. Finding out whether your customers are happy with their purchase, need a little extra, or if their Dad was happy with the purchase is a good way to keep your business at the front of their mind, even after checkout.

One example to implement would be: a customer has bought a gift for Dad and in turn, you could recommend similar products for the future for other holidays approaching like Dad’s birthday or Christmas.

Klaviyo Email Flow


Blend and Klaviyo

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