Do I need hreflang?

Suppose you have more than one version of your website for users in different countries, and your website is available in more than one language. In that case, you should consider implementing hreflang annotations.

Why is hreflang important?

The hreflang attribute tells Google which language and country you wish to target for each page on your website. This helps allow Google to deliver better search results to every language and country. For example, if a user searches using their language, the hreflang attribute will ensure their results are also in their language. Hreflang improves the user experience of your site. It is easy to implement and will give your SEO a boost. Win-win-win!

When should I use hreflang?

You might be thinking, “that's great, but how do I know if I need to implement hreflang annotations on my site?” Let’s look at some examples of different international or multilingual sites that could use hreflang to get their content to the right customers.

1. An English language website with a version for the UK, US, and rest of the world. 


2. An International website with English, Spanish, and German language versions.


3. A global website with area-specific versions.


How do I add hreflang?

To add hreflang tags to your website, you have to add a small amount of code to the head section of your theme.liquid file. Here is a demonstration of how to do it.



What can hreflang do for you?

Using hreflang attributes is a no-brainer! By helping Google deliver your content to the right people, you will decrease bounce rates and increase conversions. Also, hreflang helps to avoid penalties associated with duplicate content across global sites. These things are all essential to the growth of your business. However, if I were to choose just one reason to use hreflang annotations, it would be this. They help get the right content to your customers, which should be the primary goal of any website.

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