It’s not very often that eCommerce agencies deliver the whole package. Sure, they might be amazing at marketing, or great at design, but more often than not, there’s that one department that needs an extra bit of love. At Blend, we don’t have this problem. Seriously. We strive to give our clients the best of the best, and that requires a first-class team that we’re proud to say we have! We know it’s never nice to boast, but humour us for a second. 

Across all departments, we deliver work that exceeds expectations thanks to the unique innovation and insight that only our team can offer. One team particularly doing the most at the moment, is that of our Developers. Our go-tos for anything new and exciting to bring to the table, Blend’s Developers have gone above and beyond in injecting new life into our clients’ sites, online stores and more through a range of innovative builds that we’re excited to bring into the spotlight today. 

Ready to be wowed? Let’s go! 

A new way to do shipping

The first exciting build brought to you by Blend is one that can be found in stores like Titan Casket and Laura James, to name a few. Because we work and live in a fast-paced world that’s always on the go, we know the importance of a quick turnaround time when it comes to purchasing online products. Customers want their products and they want them now. And if they can’t have them now, they want to know when. That’s why we developed a game-changing shipping functionality that informs customers on both the product and checkout page of the date they can expect delivery. 

Not only does this give customers a way out and allow them to look for alternative products if they’d rather not wait too long for their purchase to arrive, but it also creates transparency between you and your customer now that they know what to expect. And, by delivering your products within the date range given to your customers, you automatically give them a reason to trust you! All the clients for which we have developed expected delivery date information have seen increases in their conversion rates – and are also a step higher than their competition! 

Just take a look at how this stroke of genius has helped this client: 

A functionality everyone wants 

A little over a year ago, the Blend Dev team pulled something magical out of their hats. Having been approached by a client who wanted a new take on their subscription packages, our team put their heads together and produced a state-of-the-art ‘Build A Box’ functionality. 

You might be wondering what this is? Let us paint a picture for you. 

We were contacted by a company that specialised in making plant-based foods and selling these products online. And like most companies, this brand offered subscription packages to clients who were interested in receiving their food products on a regular basis without having to manually make the same purchases every month. Kind of like a cellphone contract, but with food. However, unlike a cellphone contract, a subscription model enabling customers to build their own customisable ‘box’ was built that would allow them to: 

  1. Choose their dietary preference (vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian etc.) 
  2. Choose a maximum of 7 items of their choosing to go into their box 
  3. Select the frequency that will suit them best, varying between a monthly discount subscription, or a one-off purchase

What makes this functionality so special is that the customer is placed in the driving seat, so to speak, and gets to choose exactly what they want, and when they want it. Building something like this means building customer experiences that are exciting and indicative of how much a brand really cares about its buyers. All businesses want is to keep their customers happy and a little innovation goes a long way in getting this right. Our team recognised a unique method of cultivating a captivating customer journey and in true Blend fashion, we’ve started a trend.

Even though we built this a while ago, subscription platform Recharge recently announced a build-your-own-box experience just like ours, giving customers the key to tailoring their subscriptions to offer bundles or one-time purchases. Extra products can be added and customers can even customise their 'box' by opting for fixed items or changing and editing their box as they go. We’re so proud to have key players on our side that drive a creative force that is taking the world by storm!  

Our team is your team 

We know, we know. Our team is pretty badass. 

But we’re not walking around with ‘You can’t sit with us’ t-shirts. 

You are more than welcome to sit with us. We want you to sit with us. In fact, why not book a time to sit with us and we can let you in on all our groundbreaking ideas that leave a trail of excellence in their wake? 

Join our multitude of clients who have partnered with us and had a taste of the proof in the pudding. We can’t wait to work with you! 

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