If you’re reading this then you are probably asking yourself the same question we once did. Will a blog really benefit my business? Especially as it’s a Shopify store. With over 77% of Internet users reading blogs, it’s no wonder that businesses who include them are seeing 126% more lead growth. The answer then, is a big fat YES.

First of all you need to ask yourself what’s the objective for your Shopify blog? Are you aiming to build up a mailing list to promote products and special offers to potential customers? Or is it more about getting simple awareness at this stage?

What benefits does a blog bring?

If you want to boost your brand awareness, a blog is just the ticket for you! With a variety of topics to tackle and SEO to optimise, you control how much exposure your business has to your target audience. You have a 434% better chance of ranking higher on search engines just by having a blog. But it doesn’t stop at reading. If they like your stuff, they start to click through your website and boom! You got yourself a sale. But you already know this right? It’s why you’re reading our blog. The question you really want answered is where the heck to start?!

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Top Tips to Help You Get Started with a Shopify Blog

1. A Killer Title

You want a title that is going to get attention but also describes what your blog is about. Take some of ours for example. The language isn’t what you would expect but it still caught your eye. Question their intentions to reel them in to reading more.

A Killer Title

2. Create a House Style

You style needs to fit with you, your brand and your audience. Whether you take a friendly or sarcastic tone. Or simply use a numbering system to highlight your key points, just like Blue Pineapple Media have.

Create a House Style

3. Short and Sweet

Don’t overload your blog with jargon no one understands. Keep it to the point and limit the amount of waffle there is to read. Got a larger topic you want to talk about? Make it a 2 parter! Check out this blog series from The Sway.

Short and Sweet

4. Sticking to a Schedule

Find a time to post each week and stick to it. Monarch Butterfly always make sure their blogs are posted at 3pm everyday. This way their fans know when to expect the latest story

Sticking to a Schedule

5. Promote it. Track it. Improve it

Don’t hide it away! The more people who read it the better! We always post our blog on social media. It’s great to see fan reactions, likes and dislikes. and points out any areas of improvement to take onboard.

Promote it. Track it. Improve it

Think Realistically

Before you go full steam into a blog, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Are you capable, confident writer?
  2. Can you find time to write blogs every week?
  3. Can you balance the ins and outs of blog writing with running the business?

If you said no to any of the above, then we may be able to help. Here at Blend we have a team of highly capable copy writers who can help with all your copywriting needs, especially with giving your blogs a boost. We’ll work with you to develop your house style, and over time, you may want to begin to tackle blog writing yourself. You decide. Either way you’ve got two great options available, both bound to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Get your first blog post now for just $99

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