Brand ambassadors have been around for a long time. But with the rise of social media platforms and other lifestyle channels like movies, magazines and more, they have reached a new level of influence.

Adding brand ambassador marketing to your eCommerce marketing strategy allows you to tap into that influence. With thousands (and depending on your budget, even millions) of followers and subscribers, influencers can help you to reach an impressively large audience. And if you get your brand ambassador marketing right, that audience can be targeted according to your specific wants and needs.

In this post, we have outlined what a brand ambassador is, what characteristics to look out for, and what platforms you can utilise. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about ambassador marketing.

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an individual who is employed by a business to represent its brand in a positive way. Generally an influential person with a large reach or great popularity, brand ambassadors embody what you wish to convey with your business. From their appearance, tastes, interests, values and ethics, a brand ambassador helps increase brand awareness and sales.

In our evolving world, influence looks a little different than in the past. These days, it is not difficult to gain access to influential people who have a large scope, as the internet is an incredibly powerful tool for gaining access to large audiences. A modern-day ‘influencer’ can show off a watch or a pair of shoes to 10 000 people, while product tagging your products for easy shopping. Or they can show the world that they just ordered food from this service and absolutely loved it. 

If your marketing strategies have been successful, turning your long-term customers into brand ambassadors is also possible. After all, those people are also likely to be on the internet and have a field of influence. Encourage them to tag your brand in their social media posts, and you will broaden your reach already.

Brand ambassador characteristics

A brand ambassador's characteristics depend on your brand image and target audience. A strategic ambassador choice would be someone who suits your specifics, whether that is wholesome and happy, businesslike and professional, or grungy and alternative. With so many niches being fulfilled through different influencers, there are a plethora of options.

So when looking for the right ambassador, whether to become a permanent ambassador on the payroll or for a short stint, look for those who capture your brand image. Next, look at their following. A large following is excellent, but the demographics are just as important. Do their followers fall within your target audience? Are they mainly located in the country of your business, or within its reach? Do they speak the same language that your site is in? If the answer to these questions is no, then the characteristics of a chosen brand ambassador are not enough to make this venture a success.

Brand ambassador platforms

Thankfully, you needn’t comb the internet and its many channels to find the ideal ambassador for a brand. There are numerous platforms that now offer access to a broad range of ambassadors and influencers. You can even find a host of ambassadors to suit a certain campaign or to aid a certain promotion. The options are endless.

Some of the top platforms for finding brand ambassadors are Influencer Marketing Hub, Brand Ambassador and Ambassador.

Conclusion on brand ambassador marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy covers all your bases and effectively targets your audience where they are. Using brand ambassadors allows you to gain greater access and a further reach amongst your target audience. It also allows you to promote your brand image and sell a lifestyle instead of just a product. 

In addition to this, if you have an online clothing store, for example, do you not want everyone to see your products on the most beautiful people, and in the most flattering light? The world of influencers is a beautiful one and encourages people to use their buying power in certain directions. Make your business one of those directions.

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