Here at Blend we love to explore any new marketing resources that become available, and the impact they can have on our customers businesses.

The following are some of the top ones we use regularly.

This website is specially designed to show examples of some fantastic email designs. There are over 6,700 collections available to view that have been contributed by the community. This showcase of the best email designs can really demonstrate how an effective email marketing campaign can be created to show your products in the best possible light.

Increasing your email subscription list can mean that more shoppers can be targeted to visit your website and purchase from you. To do this, it is imperative to have a campaign that is engaging and eye-catching, and makes your brand stand out from the competition. The examples shown in can help all merchants who are non-marketing experts find a way to personalise and design a great email design.

There is a search engine that takes priority over categories, whereby you can type in pretty much anything you want to find an existing campaign example on. There is also the opportunity with some of the examples to look at the Code behind them, to assist in you creating your own.

When submitting your own design, it shows how it will look across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. They even have involved to test how effective the design is, and what changes could be made to make it even better.

It is simple to sign up to, and includes access to a wealth of information via their articles on what makes a successful email marketing campaign.


Really Good Emails website

Working in a similar way to, this website gives examples of SMS campaigns.

They have numerous categories, for example, beauty and fashion, to make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

They also give response categories, such as ’abandoned cart’ or ‘cross/upsells’ that are really useful in engaging with your customers.

There is a BCFM example section, which is extremely helpful in tailor-making your campaign especially for this busy shopping period.

The examples given show a whole host of various campaigns that can be tailored to fit your business - some are complete with pictures, emojis and fun language, some have offers and rewards, and some are more ‘business-like’. This will really give merchants the opportunity to explore what will work for their particular brand and audience.

There is a learning page to give some top tips on putting together a successful marketing campaign via text messaging and helpful guides as to how to put these together.

Fantastic Texts website

Perfect Push Notifications is a library full of real-world web push notifications, to assist in the design of your campaigns.

Created by one of the industry leading web notification apps, (and also a great partner of ours), PushOwl, this site gives merchants the opportunity to learn how to craft good web push copy, so as to aid conversion.

By creating these push campaigns, you can send a host of information to your target audience. They are a fantastic way to advertise your latest promotions and product announcements, or to set up automated abandoned cart notifications. The various designs can give you ideas on how to design your push notification to give the maximum impact.

The examples give different variations of how to make your notification stand out, for example, using site links, bold text, or hero images to capture the attention of your audience.


Perfect Push Notifications website


You are most likely already thinking about the two huge shopping opportunities still coming up this year - BFCM and Christmas.

I have picked out below some examples from the above sites of campaigns linked to these two events, that you may find useful when creating your own:


Black Friday text message example
Black Friday banner example
Christmas Sale advert example
Christmas Sale advert example
Christmas Sale promo banner example

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