We know first hand how difficult it can be to stay up to date with all the latest features from your tech stack. With the e-commerce world developing constantly, your Shopify apps are also bringing out new features. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

Here at Blend Commerce, our marketing team has been researching, collecting and putting together a new blog series where each quarter, we take a look at the latest feature updates from our Partners and what these mean for Shopify merchants.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at:

  • Gorgias
  • Klaviyo
  • LoyaltyLion
  • PushOwl
  • Reviews.io
  • SMSBump 
  • Gorgias

    Gorgias is an e-commerce helpdesk that strives to turn your customer service into a profit centre. Integrating with Shopify, Messenger, Emails, Klaviyo and Reviews.io, you can bring all of your customer service messages into one helpful place. 

    Create a ticket with an internal note

    If you want to write a task for someone to do or log information directly into Gorgias, you now can by adding an internal note to the ticket. 

    Gorgias Create a ticket with an internal note

    If you need a reminder or additional help, here is how you can create a ticket. We feel this will be an excellent addition to Gorgias, especially with BFCM coming soon. Also, we think this can be a great feature when working across larger customer service teams.

    Source: https://updates.gorgias.com/posts/ticket-creation-with-an-internal-note

    Auto Phrase Completion in French

    Since releasing Auto Phrase Completion in English last year, it's become one of the most used features on Gorgias. This feature has been so popular due to the time-saving impact it has for agents.

    Gorgias has now introduced Phrase Completion in French. The system automatically detects the language you are typing in, filling in the black in either language according to what you type. 

    Gorgias Auto Phrase Completion in French

    Gorgias is all about making customer service simpler and we think this is a great addition to this. Check out our blog on all the other reasons why Gorgias can make customer service simpler for your Shopify Store.

    Source: https://updates.gorgias.com/posts/phrase-auto-completion-in-french

    Updates to View Sharing

    For our Gorgias feature spotlight, we want to talk about the new updates to view sharing they have released. You can now have:

    • Public views (shared with everyone)
    • Shared views (shared with specific teams/users) 
    • Private views (that belong to only one user)

    From now on, when you create views, they are private by default. Existing views (views created before the 3rd of September) are all public by default, but you can edit them. 

    In the video below, our Performance Marketer Lauren shows you how to edit View Sharing.

    We think this is a great addition to the Gorgias Platform as it will help improve team efficiency by only showing them the Views they need to be dealing with, creating a more concentrated View. We also think the new Private View could be a great way to bring all colleague emails into one place. Having a Private for their email channel will allow them to reply to their emails within Gorgias without needing to leave the platform or worry about others having access to them. 

    It’s good to note Lead agents and Admins see all the shared views, so they can have an overview of their helpdesk. They are al.so the only ones who can edit the views.

    You can learn more about the View Sharing Feature here.

    Source: https://updates.gorgias.com/posts/view-sharing

    You can find all of Gorgias updates here: https://updates.gorgias.com/


    Klaviyo is an advanced email marketing platform that uses detailed customer insights to create developed automated Flows and Campaigns. Integrating with Shopify, ReCharge and POS systems, it’s now even easier to create a streamline experience on and off your store. 

    Improvement to the Facebook Advertising Integration

    The Facebook Advertising integration settings page has been completely revamped. Customers installing the integration will now be guided through a workflow where they’ll be able to:

    • Connect their Facebook ad account to Klaviyo
    • Create/modify/delete syncs from a Klaviyo list or segment to a Facebook audience
    • Connect their Facebook page to Klaviyo
    • Create/modify/delete syncs to sync customers who filled out a Facebook lead ad to a Klaviyo list
    • Manage all active audiences and lead ad syncs by navigating to the Integration Settings of their Facebook integration

    But don’t worry, you will still be able to add/modify/delete syncs by navigating to the settings of a specific list or segment 

    Klaviyo Improvement to the Facebook Advertising Integration

    Customers who add the Facebook Advertising integration do not gain any value to their Klaviyo experience unless they link a list or segment to either a Facebook custom audience or lead ad. Previously, you had to connect their Facebook Business account to their Klaviyo integration via the Integration Settings page and then navigate to each Klaviyo list/segment that they wanted to sync Facebook directly. 

    This update is aimed to make the whole integration process easier, improve error handling and establish a standard audience sync experience to lay the foundation for the Google Ads Integration. 

    You can find out more on the Facebook Advertising Integration here.

    Source: Klaviyo Platform

    SMS Price Decrease

    A small but powerful update is Klaviyo is decreasing the cost of their SMS message Changing from $.07 per message to:

    • $.01 for an SMS
    • $.03 for an MMS

    With this, we expect to see even more brands using SMS alongside their Flows and you’ll be happy to know if you currently use SMS your price changes have occurred automatically. 

    Source: Klaviyo Platform 

    Custom Fonts in Sign Up Forms

    Klaviyo users can now use any font they like with sign up forms. Klaviyo has recognised that font is a key part of a form’s design vocabulary for many businesses and having a form that reflects the brand on their website is very important. 

    Simply navigate Styles on your form and the input field text style. When selecting your fonts you will see an “Add Font” Option.

    Klaviyo Custom Fonts in Sign Up Forms

    You can then add a Google, Adobe or Custom Fonts, and even select an automatic back up font. 

    Check out their guide on how to use this feature. 

    Source: Klaviyo Platform 

    Custom Analytics Reporting Tool

    For our Klaviyo feature spotlight, we want to talk about the new Custom Analytics Reporting Tool.  This new tool lets you dig into the performance of your flows and campaigns in seconds, without copy-pasting from various sources.

    In this video, we show you more of the Custom Analytics Reporting Tool, how to find and how you can use it. 

    We think this is a great feature for Shopify merchants as you can spend less time collecting data and more time analysing, strategising and growing. Klaviyo also plans to expand this feature further with potential data visualisations, schedule reports, and benchmark reporting on the horizon. 

    You can learn more about this new tool here.

    Source: https://www.klaviyo.com/blog/custom-analytics-reporting-tool

    You can find all of Klaviyo’s updates here: https://www.klaviyo.com/whats-new


    LoyaltyLion is a powerful, data-driven tool for loyalty and engagement. It gives you the power to build strong customer relationships through a customised Loyalty Program that integrates with Klaviyo and reviews apps so you can reward your customers for the actions they take. 

    Fast Service Onboarding Packages

    LoyaltyLion is helping out merchants this BFCM with the launch of their new Fast Service Onboarding Packages. This package is a new onboarding flow designed to help customers of all sizes to get up and running quickly with LoyaltyLion. 

    The Quick Launch Package is designed to ensure set-up is as frictionless as possible. The merchant will receive a simple Typeform to complete, based on the answers provided, a dedicated team will then set-up the program. 

    For larger stores, you will also receive a call to review the set-up and ensure everything is ready to go. 

    Here at Blend, we think this is a great idea as it’s especially useful for Shopify Merchants to get up and going as quickly as possible. With experts behind the setup, they also know they're in safe hands and have one less thing to worry about this BFCM. Being able to take advantage of this service could see you setup with LoyaltyLion in less than 7 business days. 

    Be sure to check out the LoyaltyLion website to take advantage of this new service. 

    Source: LoyaltyLion Partner Manager

    You can find all of LoyaltyLion’s updates here: https://loyaltylion.com/uk/blog/category/new-features


    PushOwl is an effective way to convert your one-time visitors into loyal customers with push notifications. Without the need for an email or phone number, you can use your customer’s browser to send them notifications about sales or new arrivals you have on your store.

    If you'd like to learn more about why PushOwl is a must-have addition to your Shopify Store read our blog here.

    Introducing Perfect Push Notification

    You’ve probably heard of reallygoodemails.com. It’s an online database of emails from different industries. Well, PushOwl now has a push notification version called Perfect Push Notifications

    This new feature will allow Shopify merchants to see how top eCommerce brands use this marketing channel and view different types of Push Notifications across all industries like art, beauty, electronics, fashion, food etc. 

    We think this adds great value to the Shopify community, as it opens up all areas of what makes a push notification successful, including looking at the copywriting language, use of hero images and strategies for different industries.

    PushOwl is going to continue to improve the site, implementing new features to make it even more useful as well as continuing to grow their library.

    Take a look at https://www.perfectpushnotifications.com/

    Source: https://blog.pushowl.com/announcing-perfect-push-notifications-built-to-inspire-your-next-campaign/

    Abandoned Browser Automation 

    For our PushOwl feature spotlight, we want to talk about the new Abandoned Browser Automation. We’re so excited that PushOwl has finally released this new Automation. We already know how relevant and high ROI potential Abandoned Carts have but now we can use this same principle with Browse Abandonment. 

    This new Automation makes it easy to target subscribers who have browsed one or multiple product pages but haven’t yet purchased. You can have a sequence of up to 3 reminders that will be sent based on the price of the last product viewed. In just one click, you can remind your shoppers of a product they viewed but didn’t shop or add to cart.

    Here are some examples of how leading eCommerce stores like Planet of the Vapes use the browse abandonment automation.

    PushOwl Abandoned Browser Automation

    After testing this with their Beta Merchants, PushOwl reported that the Browse Abandonment Automation had a higher engagement rate, with a 9.7% CTR whilst Abandoned Cart was only 9.2%.

    This Automation is currently only available on the Enterprise Plan. If you would like to schedule a demo, click here.

    Source: https://blog.pushowl.com/launched-recover-abandoned-browsers-with-web-push/

    You can find all PushOwl updates here: https://blog.pushowl.com/


    Reviews.io is one of the leading review collection platforms and trusted by many big brands in the UK. As a Google Licensed Review Partner, Reviews.io gives Shopify merchants the ability to enhance the power of their customer’s voice to increase brand trust.

    Request Video Reviews

    You can now request video reviews from customers who have recently reviewed your company or products.

    Simply click on the review and click the ‘Request Video Review” button.

    Reviews.io Request Video Reviews

    As we know from our August Blog, video reviews are a great way to build authentic content. Being able to request a video from customers you know already love your products could be a great way to bring in new potential customers and build an affiliate base.

    Source: https://announcekit.app/reviews.io/announcements

    You can find all of Reviews.io’s updates here: https://announcekit.app/reviews.io/announcements


    SMSBump is a highly developed SMS Marketing Platform that uses Shopify customer data to create a personalised experience through Flows and Campaigns. Integrating with Klaviyo, ReCharge and LoyaltyLion, Shopify merchants can reach their customers in new ways with incredible open rate and ROI of text messages. 

    SMSBump is currently working on something big…We can’t wait to hear about it and share it with you in next month’s blog. 

    In the meantime, SMSBump has been pumping out some great blog content to help Shopify Merchants get ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday. Check out the following blogs:

    You can find all of their updates here: https://smsbump.com/blog/new-features


    There we have it! All of the latest updates you need to know from our Partners. We’re excited to see what else our Partners release next and we’ll be sure to update you! 

    If you need any additional information or have any questions, leave us a comment below or email us at hello@blendcommerce.com and we’ll connect you to one of our partners or our customer service team here at Blend. 

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