Damn Filters began a partnership with Blend Commerce with the goal of boosting their conversion, revenue, average order value and overall online presence. Damn Filters was not attached to their original design and wanted to have a site that focused on the overall user experience and user journey, allowing the user to reach check out earlier.

Damn Filters site already exhibited excellent scores on Google Page Insights for SEO, Performance, Accessibility and Best Practices. So it was important to Damn Filters that their existing clients felt satisfied with the redesign.

Blend Commerce took on the challenge headfirst by ensuring that the user experience was enhanced but also familiar to returning customers.

Damn Filters Before & After

What did we do?

First, we always need to apply our best practice approach with qualitative data from user research across multiple platforms such as our partner HotJar. Our first task was to follow and apply our best practice approach with qualitative data from user research platforms across multiple platforms such as Hotjar.

From the data collated, as well as UI/UX Recommendation Audits and Technical Audits, we were able to create a list of recommendations and key focus areas to share with Damn Filters.

All the data gathered from these reports enabled us to create a new site map and identify any missing user journey holes.

With all that complete and identified, a user-centred design using their existing brand guidelines, alongside best practices and the recommendations provided to Damn Filters, a full site redesign with UX in mind was created.

Once the design was been scoped and approved, we rebuilt the Back-end of the Shopify store, the front-end development and the Klaviyo flows for a functional end-to-end responsive eCommerce website for both Mobile and Desktop.

Results with Damn Filters

Since the website went live, we have seen some fantastic improvements in their overall statistics.


All stats were based on 23.09.2021 to 08.11.2021 compared to the previous year.

Damn Filters also saw significant improvements to their Page Insights from an SEO, Performance and Best Practices perspective.

Working with Damn Filters, we continuously want to improve on these metrics as one of our Growth Partners. We set out to actively recommend ways to increase the above metrics and their overall site speed, their core web vitals, and more, all with data used within their Shopify Partner store as well as heatmaps and user sessions. 

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