Aquarium Co-Op has worked with Blend for several years. Their previous site was a highly customised Shopify Theme - Turbo from Out of The Sandbox, where each month, as a growth partner, the client would continuously improve the user experience and the site’s speed. Eventually, getting to a score of 99 on PageSpeed Insights, there were no more speed improvements to make, which sparked the new redesign.

Aquarium Co-Op, a long-serving client of Blend Commerce, had two goals: the first is site speed, and the second is wanting a fresh design to invite new customers to shop with ease and confidence. 

What did we do?

Without customer data and best practices in mind, nothing can be done. Our client wanted to make sure that the site was also fast. Shopify released a Theme called Debut which we were able to highly customise and make speed our core value for this redesign. With the help of our partner HotJar, the use of Google Analytics, and our end-to-end partnership, we were able to redesign an entire site from scratch with simplicity, accessibility, and speed in mind. Not only did we plan a redesign, but we also planned on extending the brand’s colour pallet and font, allowing them to be more accessible.

Therefore, we changed the core green that Aquarium Co-Op adopted as their primary colour to be more accessible, and went with a more yellow colour enhanced with black text to allow more people to read this.

Not only did we do a full-scale redesign, but we also managed their full front-end development, and their technical back-end piece for the account area. This has been a great success for both as we have created something functional and stylish, where our client has a useful site that is converting better.

Aquarium Co-Op Website on a Laptop

Results with Aquarium Co-Op

Our client has seen great scores across the board, from conversion right through to performance with the site live. At Blend, we are so proud of these stats.

Sales increase - 144%

Conversion increase of - 18%

Online Sessions increase - 73%

All stats were based on from first quarter of 2021

Still a Growth Partner with us, we continuously recommend ways to improve their site, making it the shop for aquatics. We have recently integrated their site with Google’s YouTube. They have a massive following from their YouTube channel, and have made a huge leap forward with our technical side to Blend Commerce, allowing Aquarium Co-Op to reach more customers than ever before.

Aquarium Co-Op Webpage Before and After


Improving Your CX with Blend

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