Blend Commerce | Small Agency of the Year Finalist

 Blend Commerce Agency Awards

This blog is not a humblebrag, far from it fact, because we’re pretty proud to announce that Blend Commerce has been shortlisted by the Global eCommerce Awards 2021 for the Global Ecommerce Small Agency of the Year. In our eyes, we think that agencies should be a place where clients can get the help they need. For us, this isn’t limited to just their website. We recognised early on that there are complex businesses behind each website we work on, and it’s our responsibility to identify and reflect on the complexities of this.

With this in mind - we created the world’s first ‘On-Demand Digital Department’. We felt that the traditional agency model tended to result in a ‘win-lose scenario for the agency and client, so we decided to change it. Our clients not only get access to top-class developers, designers and marketers but also can tap into strategic advice, training and mental health support. Ultimately, we create an environment for our clients that feels like we’re sitting next to them in the office.

We wanted to create an agency that felt like a family - for our clients and our team. Over the past four years, we feel like this has been a driving force to deliver outstanding results and experiences for our clients and staff. We’re proud to be a diverse team, with 40% of our staff being female. We feel that our open, honest and family-oriented environment, combined with our strong development, design and marketing skills, gives our clients a unique agency experience.

Blend Commerce Team at a table

We have faced many challenges as a team and overcome them together, from improving our communication and the way our team works together to focus and enhance our team’s mental health. Many of our team members remark on their experience working at Blend, often reflecting on how different the experience has been from previous places of employment and how appreciative they are of their opinions, experience and family are respected.


We feel that this respect reflects in their work and why we’re challenging much larger agencies for clients. If you want to read more about the changes and processes we implemented, read our blog on How To Motivate Your Team here.

Over the past two years, Blend Commerce has grown from strength to strength. We have increased by over 100% year on year and grown from a team of two to sixteen in our short four years. We are very proud of the team we have built, with both entry-level and experienced employees. Our Development team has been coached and trained in-house on their Shopify Skills, leading to heavy demand from brands like Yamaha, Absolute Collagen, and Laithwaites.

While we’re very proud of the enormous growth we’ve seen in the past two years, we strongly feel this is down to the environment we’ve created at Blend.

Ultimately, we would love the opportunity to win this award for our team – the recognition of achievement and pride that they deserve as the ‘Blend Family’ and would help us demonstrate how we can help growing Shopify Brands get more from their business.

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