With BFCM 2019 right around the corner, getting ready to take advantage of big sales opportunities is critical. While there may not be time to make large scale changes to your Shopify store, we're still helping our clients make some final 'big impact' changes to their Shopify store.

In this guide, we've included a checklist of actions you'll be able implement now to make the most of BFCM 2019. If you're reading this at the start of your working day, we truly believe that by the end of it, you too can be ready for a big BFCM 2019.

Let's get started.

Step 1 - Install the 'Sale all in one' app

Sale All in One allows shop owners to create sales that can target a few products, a collection, or the whole store, and automatically update prices on those products instead of changing them one variant at a time. Sales can also be scheduled to start and end automatically to make the process even easier. 

Shopify merchants can save hours updating prices individually and instead focus on more important aspects of their BFCM plan. Additionally, they can set up a sale to start automatically on BFCM, and rest easy knowing everything will start automatically.

Take a look at the video below on how to get set up with the Sale all in one app:

Sales across hundreds or thousands of products can be started automatically in seconds so that shop owners can concentrate on their core business, which is selling, not product management. For example, if a shop has 100 products, with 4 variants, that's 400 prices that need to be changed. That time adds up to lost sales, especially on an important time like BFCM. Less time spent on price management, more time can be spent selling.

Click here to download the Sale all in One app

Step 2 - Install SMS Bump

SMSBump is a robust E-Commerce text marketing and automation app, fully compliant with the international law and text marketing regulations. 

With SMSBump merchants can send highly-targeted and personalized text marketing campaigns, based upon different customer characteristics and actions. On top of that, you can build custom flows that will set your whole SMS marketing on autopilot. Keep customers informed and engaged with your brand for longer with automated text messages such as order confirmation, new subscriber notification, shipping update.

SMSBump helps you to boost revenue and marketing ROI immensely with powerful remarketing automations that recover abandoned carts and win back customers who haven’t shopped in a while. Here at Blend, we've seen one client achieve 5000%+ ROI with SMSBump, and SMSBump report that users regularly achieve 2000+% ROAS, 30%+ CTR and 3x increase in new conversations.

Click here to get SMS Bump for your Shopify store

Step 3 - Install LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion allows you to create data-driven loyalty programs as unique as your brand. Proven to increase customer retention and spend, LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of fast-growth eCommerce merchants worldwide.

Shopify merchants can use a loyalty program to make their existing customers feel like VIPs thanks to loyalty program perks (such as early access to sales events). This will help Shopify merchants differentiate themselves from other brands when the seasonal sales come around.

A loyalty program will also help merchants re-engage customers acquired over BFCM once the peak period has died down. Once a customer has signed up for your program, you can re-engage them with member-only sales in the new year.


Click here to get LoyaltyLion for your store.

Step 4 - Install Sezzle

Sezzle is a rapidly growing fintech company whose mission is to financially empower young consumers. Sezzle's payment platform increases purchasing power for nearly 650,000 active consumers by offering interest-free installment plans at online stores. This increase in purchasing power for consumers leads to increased sales and basket sizes for over 7,500 active merchants that offer Sezzle in the United States and Canada. Sezzle is a publicly-listed company on Australian ASX.

With the average American spending upwards of $500 on Black Friday, many shoppers feel pressured to find the best deals and to get the biggest bang for their buck. Sezzle gives consumers the freedom to look beyond the deeply discounted products by allowing shoppers to pay for their BFCM purchases over time with 0% interest. Retailers see increased average order values and higher conversion rates with Sezzle, while shoppers benefit from increased purchasing power - a win/win for merchants and shoppers alike.

In terms of the impact you can expect from Sezzle, Jared Lang saw a 20% increase in sales upon adding Sezzle, 686 noticed a 16% higher conversion rate, and Dude Perfect has seen an AOV lift of 49% for Sezzle checkout. 

Click here to get Sezzle now.

Step 5 - Install PushOwl

PushOwl provides Shopify Merchants with web push notifications for order recovery and retention marketing. By using PushOwl, Shopify merchants can recover more abandoned carts and gaining lifelong subscribers in a frictionless way.

Typically, Shopify Merchants using PushOwl gaining 3-5% of unique visitors as additional subscribers, and bring 20% of subscribers who didn't check out back to the store.

Next steps

All of the tools listed in our guide have been proven to save time and increase revenue over BFCM and beyond. If you would like additional information on any of the tools above, or would like to reach out to Blend for suppprt with your Shopify store, contact us here.

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