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5 reasons why you shouldn’t work with a Shopify Expert agency…

5 reasons why you shouldn’t work with a Shopify Expert agency…

Seriously, you shouldn’t work with a Shopify Expert. Trust us, we are one. Ok, so I guess you’re looking for a little more than just ‘our word’. Here’s a rundown of 5 reasons why you really shouldn’t work with a Shopify Expert agency. Prepare to be dismayed.

1. They’ll make you start with thinking about objectives, not how pretty the site looks.

One of the worst things about working with a Shopify Expert is that the first step they’ll want to understand what you’re trying to ‘achieve’, or what ‘objectives’ you have for your store. Some agencies, like ours, will even make you go through a Roadmap process, which means you’ll have to spend some time talking to a dedicated developer, designer and strategist on what you're looking to achieve in terms of traffic, sales and profitability for your Shopify store. Once they’ve done this, they’ll put together a fully detailed plan, including wireframes, navigation lists and design concept. Urggh, I know. Why can’t they just get on with choosing the zany font from day 1?

2. They’ll make you get organised, and chase you when you're not.

Another pain of working with a Shopify Expert Agency is that they’ll be stringently managing the deadlines. What’s worse, they’ll be making sure both they, and you, deliver on time. For example, if you’re working with Blend Commerce, you’ll be given access to a simple project management tool which shows you exactly when you need to submit information and review work. So annoying. What’s more, if you don’t complete your side of the deal, they’ll often have a project manager who will email and call you to make sure the store launches on time. The darn cheek of it.

3. They won’t take your first answer as the final one.

If you want 147 apps on your Shopify store, why the hell shouldn’t you?! Frustratingly, Shopify Experts Agencies will often try to work out why you're looking to use certain apps, plug-ins and functionality to ensure your site is a fast and nimble as it can be so that it converts. They’ll also be looking to make sure that your requests fit in with the objectives they defined in the first step. See, we told you they were annoying.

4. They’ll make you think about your target market more than you care too, down to the groceries they buy from Walmart.

“Build it, and they will come”. A wise guy said that! Not according to these damn Shopify Experts. If you have a product, but not entirely sure on your target market, these guys even offer services to find out the ‘customer avatar’ so that your site can be really tailored to your audiences habits and likes. Another annoying aspect, is that some agencies, like Blend Commerce, not only will be advising you on the design and development of your store, but also the copy you put on it! Outrageous.

5. They’ll offer free advice based on the successes they’ve had in the past.

Now, this one really takes the biscuit. A lot of the time, these Shopify Experts have worked with a ton of Shopify store owners. For example, Blend Commerce has worked with over 120. What they’ll often do is give you examples (with data) of how their other clients stores have performed, and advise you on the best steps to take for your store. Man, it makes you spit. We truly hope this article has been useful in helping you to decide not to work with a Shopify Expert, especially given all of the super annoying points we’ve raised here. If you’re still crazy enough to want to find out more about working with a Shopify Expert, like us, click the button below:

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Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce

Adam is the CEO of Blend Commerce and works with growth-focused Shopify Entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable and scalable growth.