When launching your Shopify eCommerce website, you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of success. One way to do this is to enlist the help of a Shopify expert, who can help you:

  • Create a seamless flow from a user finding your website to purchasing,
  • Implement all of the correct tracking information to give you complete visibility of your Shopify store performance,
  • Answer your questions and help you find solutions to problems, 

And so much more. 

As Shopify experts ourselves who have helped hundreds of businesses build thriving online stores, we know what we're talking about. 

How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert?

There isn’t a ‘set price’ that every Shopify expert will stick to. After all, you wouldn’t want to be paying someone that only has one year of experience the same as someone who has ten, right? 

Similarly, at Blend, we tailor our fees to the project you're undertaking. If you have a ten-page website in mind, we won't charge you the same price as a brand with a 100-page website. 

In addition to one-off projects, we can quote for an ongoing service where you can pick our brains and ask for our help whenever you need it. So why not book a call for a consultation and a tailored quote?

What does a Shopify expert do?

As well as the points we made earlier; you can expect the following when you partner with a Shopify expert:

 1) Ascertain website objectives and create a plan

You rightly care about how your website looks. After all, that's a big part of selling online, right? But when you partner with a Shopify expert, you'll go a lot deeper than that when setting up your online store.

Some Shopify expert agencies, like ours, will ask you to go through a roadmap process. At this stage, you'll spend time talking to a dedicated developer, designer and strategist on what you're looking to achieve in terms of how many people visit your website, sales and profitability for your Shopify store. 

Once you’ve done this, your Shopify expert will put together a fully detailed plan, including wireframes, navigation lists and design concepts.

 2) Project manage a Shopify store build

When we work with clients to launch their Shopify store, we want them to be as involved as possible. An excellent Shopify expert will take all of the learnings from point one in this list and create a roadmap for you both to follow. You'll both have tasks and deadlines to complete them. For example, your task could be collecting information or reviewing a work completed by a web dev. Whatever it is, a Shopify expert will keep you accountable and on track for your site launch.

 3) Build a picture of your target audience

You may have the best product on the market, but if you aren’t getting it in front of the right people, you won’t sell it. So, before you start any design work, you need to know who your target customers are and how you should be communicating with them.

At Blend, we will help you create a custom avatar so you can put a face to your target audience. 

4) Keep the backend of your Shopify website clean and tidy

Automating stuff you don't understand or have time to do sounds like a great plan, right? But the problem with adding a ton of apps to the backend of your website is that it'll slow things down. And a slow website means potential customers are more likely to shop elsewhere and take their money with them.

Shopify experts will try to work out why you're looking to use certain apps, plug-ins and functionality to ensure your site is as fast and agile as it can be. They'll also be looking to ensure that your requests fit in with the objectives defined in the first step.

5) Use expert knowledge to help your Shopify store perform

A Shopify expert's role isn't over once a website has been launched. When potential customers start to land on your website, a Shopify expert will look through all the data being gathered and offer advice on how you can get even more sales. 

Their advice will be tailored to your business, but they will often use knowledge gained from other brands they've helped launch online. For example, at Blend, we've worked with over 120 Shopify store owners, and we often use previous campaigns as examples to help you understand the impact your decisions may have in the longer term. 

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What’s better than one Shopify expert? 


We're a team of twelve at Blend, and everyone comes with their own experiences and specialisms. When you partner with us, you get all of our knowledge, expertise and advice. We've worked with over one hundred business owners, helping them launch their Shopify websites and improve their performance month on month, year on year. 

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