by Lauren Barrett

If you still think that Instagram and Facebook are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing tools, think again.

Over the last year Pinterest has increased in users by over 40%, totalling an overall followership of 200 million every month.*

The visual platform has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach an audience; with an increase of 40% since last year, millennials are using the platform just as much as Instagram.**

But the real question we’re sure your interested in, is what Pinterest can do for your Shopify store! Well, we’re here to help with some tips and tricks on how to make Pinterest work for you, just like our clients here at Blend Commerce.

So how can I use Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to my Shopify store?

1. Pinterest Business Accounts

Pinterest offers two different types of accounts. Whilst both Pinterest accounts are very similar to look at, Pinterest for business comes with detailed access to page analytics.

These analytics inform users which pins are generating more clicks, how successful your pin reach is,levels of audience engagement and essentially how hard is Pinterest working for your business.

Pinterest Business is a great platform for achieving business goals, some of which include -

  • Brand Awareness - Getting your brand out there! The more people pinning your posts the more people will see them.
  • Increasing Traffic - Send traffic to your blog, site or Shopify store by using direct links in your Pins. Pinterest gives users two opportunities per post to link a website or store of choice. Once in the description and the image source.
  • Boosting Online Sales - The majority of Pinners use the platform for discovering products and making purchases. 87% of users purchased an item because of Pinterest.***
  • Increasing sign-ups - If you want to reach new customers, newsletter sign ups and traffic, Pinterest is a great place for your business to be.

2. What are Buyable Pins?

Pinterest recently introduced ‘Buyable Pins’ for Shopify, after recently deepening their partnership. Buyable pins work seamlessly on both web and mobile devices, allowing buyers to easily make a purchase wherever they are. Customers can now buy from your Shopify store from inside the app.

Another positive of Buyable Pins is that they are completely free once you have linked your shopify store to a business Pinterest account, and Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales. Pretty cool right?

3. What are Rich pins and how can they help me?

Rich pins look like regular pins, except they are packed with more information about products and brands.

A bonus of rich pins is the automatic price update feature. If you have previously listed a product price in your rich pin and decide to drop the price, anyone who has pinned that product will be notified of the change, therefore creating the potential to increase your sales.

There are currently 4 types of Rich Pins available:

Product, Recipe, Article and App.

Each pin is set up to include different types of information.

  • Product Pins give you the opportunity to add your Shopify store name, the price of the item and the availability.
  • Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and all things foodie for the chefs in your life.
  • An Article pin may be used for adding a blog post to a pin. Article Pins allow you to show the title, description and author of your blog.
  • App Pins Show an install button so people can download your app without leaving Pinterest.

4. Advertising On Pinterest

Just like Facebook, you can promote your pins on Pinterest for an extra boost.

Promoted pins are just like normal pins, but with a small fee can be seen by an even larger audience.

Promoted pins work using PPC (pay per click) and the use of keywords. The better your keywords, the more chance people will visit your pins!

If you feel you need some more help on getting started with Pinterest for Shopify, or would like to learn more about what Pinterest has done for our clients, book a call for our pricing information.

Lauren Barrett
Lauren Barrett

Lauren works closely with Adam on the creation of marketing strategy and content for Blend clients. Having honed her skills within a ecommerce and B2B business, Lauren is well versed in the marketing needs of businesses in a competitive workplace.

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