Ecommerce didn’t show up out of the blue. Along with technological advancements, it appeared and grew slowly. But in a pandemic-stricken world, people were forced to look at alternatives to their usual shopping experience. They had to turn to eCommerce - leading the industry to sky-rocket. But while their experiences changed, their expectations didn’t. At Blend, we know this. That’s why we hone in on the multiple ways to optimise customer experience, through every avenue. 

One of these avenues is reviews. While they’re great for businesses in the eCommerce industry, they’re also great for the customers themselves. They can receive a real-life opinion on a product that they could potentially know nothing about, leading them to convert. But there are ways you can use reviews to enhance the customer experience of your store too.

1. Flip the Switch on Negative Reviews

There’s nothing worse than a pregnant silence after a bad review. Besides the fact that customers love reading drama if there is any, they also want to know if it was a once-off occasion and was resolved, or if this is a consistent occurrence. Flipping the switch by resolving the issue directly on the review itself will give your brand a positive outlook.

Leaving a response like “we’re sorry to hear that! Please contact us as soon as you can so we can resolve the issue” is a perfect response. It drives a stronger connection with your current customer as well as future customers.

Negative Review Response

2. Multilingual Reviews

Specifically, if you’re an eCommerce brand that supplies many countries of different cultures and languages, you could already have a multilingual website. But the problem often emerges with reviews. Customers submit reviews in many different languages, leading customers to be unable to read every review to help their decision. 

With, you can create multilingual reviews by making use of their Weglot integration. It’s a seamless way of enabling your customers to read reviews in their preferred language. Not only is it completely code-free, but you’ll also benefit from multilingual SEO, gaining visibility on an international level. It doesn’t duplicate content or affect loading speed - making it a win-win-win-win.

Multilingual Reviews Example

3. Adding Attributes 

Simple reviews are a thing of the past - everyone wants to be able to filter everything. You can add customer and product attributes to your reviews, making it easy for similar customers to search what products would suit them best based on a filtered search. 

For example, a skincare company has attributes on their reviews of what skin type the customer has, what product they used, etc. This way, a potential customer can search the reviews, filter to their skin type and/or potential product, and be able to decipher whether or not this would be the right product for them. 

It also puts your business on another level, allowing your customers to customise the reviews to suit their needs instead of your own - showing that your customers are at the forefront of your mind.

Attributes ExampleBlend and Customer Experience Optimisation 

As mentioned earlier, Blend is focused on optimising the customer experience, no matter what avenue it comes from. We are focused on driving customers to where they need to be - or rather, where they want to be. Your Shopify store should automatically drive conversion, both on the site and off. Using reviews in your Klaviyo flows is an excellent way of increasing your conversion rate as well as optimising the layout of those reviews once they’re on your site. No matter where you need customer experience optimisation, book a no-obligation call with Blend.

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