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    +44 (0) 1789 765 822
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    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    Three months after a site redesign, Blend was able to improve the following metrics from the same period as the previous year.


    Increase in Revenue
    Comparing to the same period in the previous year


    Increase in Conversion rate


    More Total Orders


    More Online Store Sessions

    The Brand

    Due West is a high-end fashion collection that began in 1973 as purveyors of fine leather goods. They have since evolved into a concept store and gallery space for luxury streetwear, premium outerwear, and accessories. They offer curated fashion of the highest quality.

    The Challenge

    Ultimately, Due West wanted to improve the design, look, and user experience for the website. They were looking for a high-end e-commerce store rather than a site that looked like a portfolio of fashion images. There were also quite a few customizations that they wanted to implement, such as custom functionality, custom Homepages and internal Pages, as well as customisations to the product pages.

    Essentially, Due West has two major parts to their website: Streetwear and Outerwear. They wanted to accommodate the subdivision menus for customers shopping in either of these two categories. They also wanted these preferences to be saved so that any subsequent visits would direct customers to the preference that they opted for on their first visit. These custom Homepages and internal pages needed to be designed in a way to let customers navigate to their desired subdivisions on the store quickly and easily.

    Due West - Laptop

    I really enjoyed working on this project. I designed it, liaised with the client to get the design signed off, and then built it. The custom product page was really fun working on and we did loads of custom things like splitting the brand name out from the title to link to the brand page. There is also a weird funky size selector that tells you how many are left in stock in the dropdown that I enjoyed working on. One of my favourite features for this site is the image scroller and how the content and description remain on the right of the screen but the picture scrolls. I really loved working on this site and it’s a project that I am really proud of.

    Ollie Russell

    Front-end Shopify Developer

    The Solution

    Due West also wanted promotions just about everywhere on their site and we opted to use the Flex Theme by Out of the Sandbox to support these Mega Menus. They wanted in-depth Mega Menus with no simple drop-down menus. There were also plenty of columns, collections, images and promotions and this was something that the Flex Theme does well.

    One of the challenges with this project was that our client wanted the ability to toggle through product images on the collection page as well as an add-to-cart button added to each product image. This needed to be done in such a way that site speed wouldn’t be affected and we ended up doing this dynamically.

    We also massively improved the filtering on the Due West site using an app called Filter Tools so that filters are categorised into groups, for example, colour, product type or brand. They are dynamically shown or hidden appropriately for each collection and it’s really improved the user experience overall.

    Due West Mobile

    The Outcome

    Three months after our redesign, Due West has had an increase of 49% in Revenue, an increase of 2% in conversion, an increase of Online Store Sessions of 26% and Total Orders increased by 41% when compared with the same period of the previous year.