Naming Conventions

January 04, 2019

Snippets: Prepend: ‘bc__’

Assets: Prepend: ‘bc__’

Homepage Sections: Prepend: ‘bc__s-’

Details index section: Prepend: ‘page-details-index’

Class naming

(based off BEM

Single hyphen ‘-’ : Used for spaces in class names

Double hyphen ‘-’ : Used for adding a modifier (.background--red)

Double underscore ‘__’ :Used to connect a class name to a main page/section (.faq__background--red)

File naming:

  • Spaces should be replaced with a single hyphen “-”
  • Files should start with “bc__” to stay organised
  • No camel casing used, naming should be all lowercase (Except theme naming)

Naming example:

  1. Beginning of the file name should be “bc” with two following underscored “__”.
  2. The second part will be what the file is, so if you are creating a logo slider you will add “logo-slider”.

If this is a seperate version and or different from a similar file already, add the two hyphens and then the difference “--custom”. (If the file name is too long you may have to just add “--c”)



  • All version updates will remove any decimal points below it’s level.
    E.g “V1.2.5 -> V2” and “V2.4.1 -> V2.5”
  • For store redesigns, there should be a full version upgrade.
    E.g. V1.2.5 -> V2
  • For medium sized changes such as adding/restyling a new page/section, there should be a single decimal version upgrade.
    E.g. V1.2.5 -> V1.3
  • For small changes such as small styling changes, updating small text info and bug fixes do the following:
    E.g. V1.2.5 -> V1.2.6
  • Versioning should only be added between each publish, for a store setup it should be published V1 as it should be successfully published before any updating is needed. Once the theme is published and live, if there are any changes that need doing, make a copy of the theme, and use the versioning above for the new file name ensuring you are not editing the live theme file.