January 01, 2000

Blend Commerce’s extended details index template is called BlendPages, and gives users greater control over the design and individual elements in static page setup.

For this template the blocks created be used as sections. They are referenced as cards.


  • card - a section or a block


We have separated our offerings into three bands, with new features dripping down into the lower bands over time:

  1. BlendPages
  2. BlendPages+
  3. BlendPagesCustom


    BlendPages is the standard version we sell with all projects. It includes all homepage cards available on back pages, and the ability to have multi-use templates or page specific templates.


        BlendPages+ offers everything in BlendPages plus additional universal controls and new cards.


          Used as a custom solution

          Custom Code

          As we develop unique solutions for clients they will be stored here as plug'n'play resells.


          Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


          We use SemVer for versioning.


          • Phillip Penny - Initial work - phlillip
          • Peter Gardner - Initial work
          • Cole Hietink - Initial work