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There are two ways to install the the details index to your store. Both start out with you login into the development store Blend Commerce Code (BCC - and downloading the live theme which contains the latest version of Turbo with the details index installed.

New store

Simply click "upload theme" on the themes section of the store you wish to install BlendPages on. This will give you a fresh version of Turbo up to date with BlendPages.

Existing store

This is how to install the details index on a store which already has customisations. If the store is not up to date use one of the backups on the BCC development store closest to the version. It is recommended to download the theme of the not only the Turbo with details index but also the theme you are working on. Once the themes are downloaded, copy across all files the following files or that fit into this category:

  • Files prepended with “bc__” (including files prepended with “bc__s-”)
  • Sections that contain “page-details-index-template”
  • Templates that contain “page.details-index”
  • Assets that containing lity (lity.css & lity.js)

Once you have done this you can upload the theme back onto the store as now all you need to do is link a couple stylesheets and JavaScript files.

In the theme.liquid search forStylesheets for Turbo and then paste the two following lines:

{{'lity.css' |asset_url |stylesheet_tag }}

{{'bc__stylesheet.scss.css' |asset_url |stylesheet_tag }}

Then search forapp.js and paste in this single line:

<scriptsrc="{{'lity.js' |asset_url }}"></script>
Phil Penny

Phil Penny