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The Highlight Section

We have created a brand new section for you to use throughout your site, called “Highlight”. This enables you to ‘highlight’ something for promotion, whether that be a product, a collection, a feature, a campaign, anything. The beauty is in the simplicity; basic text with an optional feature image. Draw people into your site using great photography and a clear layout.

Blend Modes

Thanks to advancements in css, it is now possible to edit your image without the need for an expensive graphics editor such as Photoshop. There are a number of blend modes for you to use to create stunning, eye-catching images. You can read more about blend modes here:

This, combined with your curated color schemes will enable to to retain brand consistency whilst getting the best out of your images.

Video tutorial

Slider Highlight Section

This acts in the same way as the highlight section, however it allows you to create a slideshow of multiple highlight sections.

Bundle Highlight Section

We have created a version of the highlight section designed to be used exclusively with your bundle products. This displays product information as well as up to 4 bundle images. In order to display images using this section, you must add the following tag to the bundle images ALT tag:


 Figure 2: The highlight bundle section in action.

Figure 3: Adding "bundle-highlight" to the alt tag will display the image in the bundle highlight section.

Figure 4: Simply select which product to display in the bundle highlight schema settings.

Phil Penny

Phil Penny