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Detailed Product Template

The detailed product template offers a number of features to enhance your product page for mainline products.

Product Upsells

You can display a number of upsells by the add to cart button. The user can upgrade directly on the page, gain more information through a lightbox, or click through to that particular products’ page. The user can also compare the differences between the options, to help them make a more informed choice. We have limited the number of upsells to two. These are also present in the sticky form which appears as the user scrolls down the page.

Figure 1: Sticky product form showing upsells and dynamic payment buttons.

To create upsells for your products. You simply add an meta upsell tag:



So, for example, consider the Motorbunny Starter Kit. You might want to entice the user to upgrade to the Motorbunny + LINK Bundle, or the Ultimate Gift set. To do this, simply go to the product admin page and add a  tag for each product you want to upsell:



Figure 2: Adding upsell tags to a product.

You are limited to two products, and they appear in numerical order as specified by the tags:

Figure 3: Upsells displayed as a result of the tags added.

Comparison table

This is automatically generated, based on the "meta-contains" tags present in the products. As such, it only works for bundle products.

Figure 4: The comparison table showing the user what's included in the product compared to the upsells.

Features are listed in order from common > specific, so the user can see the benefits the upsells bring.

Product Sections

You can now add sections to your product page just as you do on the homepage. The difference being that these are shared amongst all products that contain a specified tag. This is useful for highlighting features shared across multiple products, for example various bundle packages. You can set a section to display on every single product, or limit it to specific products using the tagging system.

Figure 5: limiting the section to display only on products with the specified tag.

Phil Penny

Phil Penny