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3D Product Viewer

Augmented Reality Functionality (iOS 12+ only)

Using the installed 3D Warehouse app, you need to associate your .usdz product file with your product in Shopify.

  1. In Sayduck, Export your .usdz file
  2. In Shopify, go to apps > 3D Warehouse
  3. Click “Add 3D Model”
  4. Enter a title, select the associated product, and upload the associated .usdz file

iOS devices will now automatically show the AR icon and allow the user to experience native AR functionality.

3D Viewer

Due to the limitations of the Sayduck platform, products must be manually linked individually using tags.


Once you have created your 3D product on Sayduck, click on the export arrow icon and copy the embed code. Then copy thedata product slug value:

Now add this as a tag to your product in Shopify, prefixed withmeta-slug-:


Homepage & details index pages

You can add a 3D viewer section to your homepage or any details index page just as you would any other section. Simply add the section to your page and specify which product you want to display.

Product pages

There is no need to specify the product inside the section. You can limit which product pages show the 3D viewer by applying an additional tag of your choice (in the same way you currently do for other product page sections).

Phil Penny

Phil Penny