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Bat Customizer


The user can step back through the navigation only once they have completed all required options on that stage. In reality, this is only limited to the options stage, where the user must select a length (and weight if appropriate) before being able to continue. This ensures that the engraving preview displays the correct bat specifications.


Bat images are cropped to a 10:1 aspect ratio. Image files are saved out at a HD resolution of 1920px × 192px from a  4K resolution master Illustrator file at 3840px × 384px as png with transparency. Bat masks are white png files with transparency, however svg files can be used if pixelation is an issue. These are added as assets using the following naming conventions:


An example set of images for bat BM271:


Info modals

The information modals are individual pages in the back end, each requiring a H1 tag and a paragraph of descriptive text.

Colors, Dyes & Finishes

Colors are defined by variables so can be easily updated. Dyes have an opacity and blending mode applied to them. Gloss and matte finished work in the same way as colors, with the gloss finish being a gradient overlay with transparency.

Color Value
raw-no-finish rgba(255,255,244,0.25)
wood rgba(212,190,141,1)
natural-clear-coat rgba(214,183,54,0.25)
black rgb(0,0,0)
honey-brown rgb(124,70,22)
red rgb(255,0,0)
candy-apple-red rgb(214,50,21)
blue rgb(44,87,166)
royal-blue rgb(33, 54,179)
light-blue rgb(2, 222,255)
navy-blue rgb(43,72,142)
green rgb(89,122,56)
army-green rgb(37,58,47)
maroon rgb(76,25,22)
purple rgb(89,58,90)
pink rgb(254,139,205)
white rgb(245,245,245)
whitewash rgb(248,240,220)
wine rgb(114,39,37)
orange rgb(210,121,35)
smoke rgb(83,87,86)
yellow rgb(240,229,69)
gold rgb(255,223,0)
silver rgb(192,192,192)

Logo & Knob Sticker

The logo is required and defaults to the original Birdman logo. The knob sticker is optional. These are added as assets using the following naming conventions:



Species, cup, length and weight are all required. Rush order is optional. For Youth bats, there is no weight option, and the Fungo has limited lengths. Length, weight and rush order can change the price of the bat.



The engraving text is dynamic in size, depending upon the character count, up to a maximum of 25. The breaks are:

Character Count Font Size
 < 12 Maximum
12 < 15 Large
15 < 20 Medium
20 < 26 Small


These are added as truetype files in the assets folder. Each font has its own css to adjust the size of the text across the character count breakpoints.

Engraving Color

This feature is disabled if the bat barrel has a "raw" finish. This is due to the paint physically bleeding into the bat material when no finish is chosen.

Phil Penny

Phil Penny