25% of Total Revenue from Email Marketing with Klaviyo

The Brief

Bariatric Fusion washed up on Blend’s shores through a recommendation by Octane AI, whose incredible functionalities have since transformed their customer experience. 


Wanting to improve the performance of their email marketing and increase the percentage of their owned and returning revenue, and Blend Commerce being experts in the field of email marketing, it was a match made in heaven.


Upon auditing Bariatric Fusion’s existing Klaviyo, we noticed that they were missing critical flows and segments that kept them from performing above the benchmarks that we would expect to see for this industry: 


Our goals for Bariatric Fusion were as follows:

  • Increase Owned Revenue to 25%
  • Personalise flows using Octane quiz data
  • Lower the Unsubscribe rate to below 0.3% 
  • Increase customer retention using Recharge

How Blend helped

Using the goals and insights details above, we identified opportunities to increase engagement and revenue across all Email Marketing.

We began by:


  • Ensuring Bariatric Fusion’s Klaviyo was set up correctly
  • Redesigning and rebuilding their Email Template with a focus on UI/UX
  • Implementing new flows focusing on Acquisition Retargeting and Retention

In addition, Blend also updated existing flows to encourage sign ups to Recharge Subscriptions to increase customer retention, and created segments that would allow for engaged subscribers to be targeted via campaigns and flows and unengaged subscribers to be targeted using Winback flows.  


In order to expand their email list and provide a more personalised shopping and email experience for their clients, Bariatric Fusion offers a number of quizzes powered by Octane AI to collect zero-party data about the specific requirements and preferences of their subscribers.


The Octane quizzes ask users a series of questions about their lifestyle habits and preferences pertaining to vitamins, protein bundles, and recipes and then provides them with a customised recommendation. We can further tailor the communications and recommendations sent to Bariatric Fusion clients using this zero-party information.

The results

Blend continues our partnership with Bariatric Fusion as we regularly consult for them and advise them on strategies and various projects pertaining to email campaign and flow performance. We seek to continuously scale and grow Bariatric Fusion's revenue while focusing and personalising the customer journey through email marketing.


Since working our Klaviyo magic with Bariatric Fusion, we have seen some awesome results: 


  • 8% Increase in Average Order Value
  • 45.7% Open Rate (14% increase from Q2)
  • 6.38% Click Rate (7% increase from Q2)
  • 0.70% Bounce Rate (Decreased from 1.14% to 0.70% thanks to Improved Deliverability)


We look forward to seeing this brand thrive and grow month on month and thoroughly enjoy being there for the journey. Here are even more amazing results we have helped achieve with Bariatric Fusion to date:


of Revenue is now from Owned Revenue


of Revenue generated from Flows


Increase in Revenue per Recipient


Increase in Conversion Rate

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