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Facebook Ads Case Study | Scarlet & Gold

  • 2 min read

Scarlet & Gold is a leading lifestyle and apparel brand, based in Alabama, USA. After previously using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their store, the brand worked with Blend to implement a more structured approach to Facebook Ads, resulting in an average ROAS of 9.2.

The challenge

Having previously used Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their store, Scarlet & Gold knew that they needed a more structured approach to their use of Facebook Ads in order to improve the ROI of the marketing channel. While the brand saw the potential of Facebook Ads, they didn’t have the time or experience to run the ads over the long run.

The solution

The first step for the Blend team was to conduct a full Facebook Ad Account and Pixel analysis for the business. By doing so, Blend was able to identify how initial changes to the setup of the Pixel were needed to track the performance of ads correctly, as well as see low hanging fruit with respect to audiences.

Following the initial audit, we initially created a 3-month testing and optimisation plan for Facebook ads which including various hypotheses that would be tested on Facebook Ads for the brand. Once this was complete, we created the initial campaign, ad set and ad structure and creative for discussion with the Scarlet & Gold team. Once this approach was clarified against the brand guidelines, Blend began to implement the initial ad schedule for Scarlet & Gold and a full Facebook Ad Management and optimisation program.

The impact

After the initial 3 months of managing Facebook Ads for the brand, Blend was able to achieve:

  • An average ROAS of 9.2
  • A maximum ad ROAS of 77

By working closely with the brand to integrate the use of Facebook Ads with other key marketing channels and apps, we have been able to generate high performing and scalable ads that assist the brand's growth.