1000% Growth in Sales from Custom Development

The Brief

Scarlet & Gold came to Blend looking to create a better functioning website for the customer and had realised they had 3 issues.


  1. Navigation
    Their website navigation and ease of use on mobile was poor and leading to even poorer conversion rate.
  2. Trust
    Their website lacked factors that would enable the customer to trust them and purchase from the store.
  3. Lead Capture
    They were leaving money on the table by not using lead capture for marketing platforms and apps. The issues mainly stemmed from using a non-premium Shopify theme that was dated and not mobile optimised. As a result of a mobile traffic increase from 65% to 85% in less than six months, the issue was becoming critical for Scarlet & Gold. Scarlet & Gold were looking specifically to work with an Archetype partner agency with strong experience in branding, which is why Blend was chosen to take on the challenge.

How Blend helped

Given that the brand knew that action needed to be taken as quickly as possible, we used the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and iterate model, where we decided to initially work with the main theme options and low levels of theme customisation. By doing so, we were able to expedite the redesign of the store in preparation for increasing conversions and revenue.


By drawing initially on our deep experience with Shopify based fashion brands, we developed and ran a workshop with the brand to establish a specific understanding of the business. In addition, we conducted an analysis of their key competitors and used Google Analytics to understand customer demographics and customer journey flow.


Following the initial implementation of the MVP store, we then implemented a rigorous A/B testing program to achieve continuous improvement and development, guided by data.

The results

A month after the initial re-launch of the Scarlet & Gold store, we observed an 1,000% increase in sales month on month.

Increase in sales

Wowza. 1,000 is a big number, right?

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