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Why Blend?

  • 2 min read

Is Blend the right agency for you?

Choosing a Shopify agency isn’t easy. Scanning through endless websites, faceless proposals and ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages is a time consuming and tiring process. Perhaps you’ve attended free webinars, or even spoken with an agency directly, only to be met with a sales pitch, and not a consultation.

Here’s where Blend is different.

Our team of Shopify experts work with clients to review, analyze and recommend the best way forward for Shopify store owners looking to grow. With the whole team being truly knowledgeable on all things Shopify, you’ll receive honest, to the point and data-driven approach to how we work from the outset.

Being able to trust a new team as a key player in your business is a challenge. That’s why we work hard to provide value from day 1 to all of our clients - a point you’ll see clearly from our testimonials.

When clients start with us, they stay with us.

4 questions to assess if Blend is right for you

If the answer to the four questions below is "yes", we truly believe Blend could be a great fit for your business:

  1. Are you looking for scalable and sustainable growth?
    Short term increases in sales mean nothing if they are not sustainable and scalable. We only work with clients focused on growth over a minimum 3 month period, which means we can ensure that we can leave a lasting impact on a business.
  2. Are you looking for an honest and direct approach?
    Making decisions on how to grow your business is hard, but even more difficult if you don’t focus on data and experience. From day 1 of talking to our team, you’ll have honest feedback based on deep experience, even if it means you’ll invest less.
  3. Do you believe that data is important?
    Making decisions based on gut feeling usually results in poor results. Our first request from all potential clients is for data, and any proposal we provide will be firmly based on what we feel we can achieve based on your store's data and our previous performance.
  4. Are you looking for an extension of your team?
    Scaling a business through freelancers and recruitment is expensive and time-consuming. When working with Blend, we provide clients with a ready-made team of experts who have the skills and personality to be a firm extension of their business team. - Learn more about our team.