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Our Story

In this article, Adam Pearce, CEO of Blend Commerce explains the story of Blend so far and the journey we’ve been on, from Kitchen table to boardrooms.

The Beginning

Blend was essentially started one evening in October, at a braai (South African BBQ). Peter had been working as a freelance Shopify developer and was one of the very first developers on the original Storetasker platform. I had been working as a Marketing Director for a fast-growing app company. We’d talked at length for months about the huge growth that Shopify was seeing at the time, and as the owner of an eCommerce store on a rival platform, I could see a real need for Shopify to change the way sales were made online.

As Peter began to receive requests from clients globally, we knew it was time to make the move, and in early 2017, we officially launched Blend Commerce from our respective kitchen tables. It was 'go' time.

The Initial idea

After taking a look at the Shopify ecosystem, we saw that many agencies at the time were taking a narrow path with Shopify. Agencies either focused exclusively on design, development or marketing. As a client of multiple agencies, I understood first hand how frustrating having to deal with multiple agencies could be. Our premise was simple.

Let’s create a Shopify agency that blends all of the needs of a Shopify merchant into one - from strategy; to development; to marketing and everything in between.

Using this premise, we started to build a small team to offer this much-needed cross-sectional approach to Shopify and fast became a much needed ‘extension of the team’, as one of our clients put it.

Our growth

After two years, we’d slowly created a team of skilled experts in their fields. One of the key aspects for us as a business was that we knew we needed to work as a single unit. Ultimately, our view is that the overall goal of any merchant is growth - our job as an agency is to thread together strategy, design, development and marketing to achieve this growth.

Adam Pearce presenting at the Shopify Midlands Meetup, February 2019

Our role in the Shopify ecosystem

Since our initial involvement we’ve seen Shopify surpass multiple milestones, and we truly do value being part of the Shopify eco-system of merchants, partners and agencies. As we’ve grown as an agency, we feel our role has grown too. As well as running our hugely popular Shopify Meetups, we’ve also presented at Shopify Pursuit London and on behalf of Shopify at the Autumn Fair, 2019. We’re excited to see how Shopify will continue to grow and truly feel that our valued partnership with Shopify and core partners like Out of the Sandbox, ReCharge and Klaviyo will help us to contribute to the wider Shopify community.

Our plans for the future of Blend

As an ever-growing team with ever-growing clients, we know that Blend will need to adapt and evolve going forward. To do this, we’ve developed an internal learning culture at Blend. This means that all team members are involved in and committed to furthering their skills and knowledge of the Shopify environment. Through attending international conferences like Klaviyo Boston to holding ‘lunch and learns’ with key technical partners, we feel confident we can continue to understand and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

Our gratitude

From our humble beginnings, we’re now in a privileged position to be working with multiple million-dollar businesses that entrust Blend as their chosen agency partner. While our growth has been (and will continue to be) rooted in a deep determination, we’re truly grateful for the trust placed in us by our clients. Moreover, our incredible group of tight-knit partners are a key driver for our success, and we look forward to continuing to work together through our growth.

Adam Pearce
Blend Commerce